ARCPanel 2.2 development sunset

Active development of ARCPanel 2.2 was sunset in 2021 due to a new UXP engine released by Adobe Photoshop. ARCPanel 3.0 was released, you can learn more about it here.
ARCPanel 2.2 is an older version of ARCPanel that works on Adobe Photoshop 2015.5-2022.
Starting with Adobe Photoshop 2022 ARCPanel 3.0 should be used.
You can get a download link by pressing this button. It will grant you a free trial for ARCPanel. Feel free to play around and see if it fits your workflow.
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Documentation and features

Most of documentation for ARCPanel 3.0 is still valid for ARCPanel 2.2. You can find it in Docs.

Trial and activation

While ARCPanel 3.0 is free with extra features enabled by ARCPanel Pro, ARCPanel 2.2 uses a different distribution mechanism.
After installing the panel, you get 7 days for free to test all the functionality. After trial period runs out, panel will want you to enter a licensing key.
When purchasing ARCPanel Pro you get 3 keys for ARCPanel 3.0 and 1 key for ARCPanel 2.2.
Key for ARCPanel 2.2 connects to your Adobe Photoshop license and allows to run panel on 2 computers.

How to install

You can find information on how to install ARCPanel 2.2 in this article.
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