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Free luminosity masking course

7 days, 7 compact lessons

As almost everybody, I am a self-taught photographer, and while learning images post-processing have probably stepped on all kinds of rakes. Started with RAW converters, then was Photomatix and other HDR software, low quality panoramas - basically I was learning all I could.

The biggest step forward was a lesson on luminosity masks that I bought once. Even though all the masks were built manually without the luminosity masking panel help, only with luminosity masks I finally started getting accurately processed images and naturally looking exposure blends.

My free luminosity masking course will help also you make this big step forward.

Topics, covered in course

Kinds of masks in Adobe Photoshop

This section introduces you to masks in Adobe Photoshop, explaining which kinds there are and how they can be used

Practical examples of lights, darks and midtones luminosity masks

Most of the course is focused in this section, showing practical examples of how to make and apply most common types of luminosity masks.

Dodge&Burn with luminosity masking.

In the final lesson a more advanced technique is used when luminosity masks are used together with Dodge&Burn.