Free professional
luminosity masks.

Fastest luminosity masking panel now free!
Free course on masks included.
Even more features in ARCPanel Pro.

Free professional
luminosity masks.

Fastest luminosity masking panel now free!
Free course on masks included.
Even more features in ARCPanel Pro.

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Professional 16-bit luminosity masks

Luminosity, Colors and Saturation are supported

Lights masks

6 different lights masks

Darks masks

6 different darks masks

Midtone and Zone masks

5 midtone masks and 11 masks for Adam's zones

Batch Web sharpen and export

Apple M1 support

Quick masks preview

Any range Color masks

Any range Lumi masks

Infinite Color

Color grading with colors that work for your image

Quick white and dark group shortcuts

Coming soon

Quick Apply for fast processing

Coming soon

ARCRetouch – advanced retouching tools:

Solar Curve

Frequency Separation

Unique frequency separation that allows to preview the texture before building the tone

2 kinds of Orton Effect

3 kinds of Dodge & Burn

Coming soon


  • Runs on Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 and newer
  • Minimal version 22.0.0, Creative Cloud app is required
  • For older Adobe Photoshop versions use ARCPanel 2.2
  • Our users write

    This has really streamlined my work flow and has given me the time to experiment more because the masking is so easy.

    I have tried several luminosity masking panels but I ended up using ARCPanel. It is a very powerful tool yet quick and easy to use!
    Andrey Omelyanchuk

    Great panel for any landscape photographer who loves to get the best out of his photos. Clean design and rich functionality – luminosity and saturation masks, frequency separation, orton effect – something I use in every single photo during postprocessing. Sincere recommendation for any landscape photographer!

    I rely heavily on luminosity masking but those featured in Lightroom or Luminar offer only basic masking with little refinement. ARCPanel is the best solution for advanced masking, it's easy to use gives great results.

    ARCPanel is a solid product with some unique functions that other panels don't have or try to copy. An important part is that the panel is not cluttered with useless buttons like some others are. I've been using it for quite some time for my edits. Support is also good and responsive. Recommend.

    Chat about luminosity masks

    Do you have any questions about luminosity masks or ARCPanel?

    Join our chat! Me and other users of ARCPanel will be happy to help you.

    Chat is built on Discord platform, it supports chat rooms, direct messages and even voice calls.




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    Feature highlights

    Free luminosity masks

    Luminosity masks are integral to any post-processing flow, especially if you are shooting scense with complex lighting or want high quality for printing.

    You get fast, reliable and easy to use luminosity masks for free.

    Pick between Luminosity, Color or Saturation as a source, select your mask and apply it to any adjustment layer.

    Precision color and luminosity

    Classical luminosity masks give lots of advantages when processing images, but even they have limitations.

    User of ARCPanel Pro can benefit from precise color and luminosity masks.

    Use the slider to select exactly the mask you need, be it any color or luminosity range.

    Infinite Color

    Color grading is challenging and it's not always clear which colors to pick for the image.

    Infinite Color smartly selects random colors that complement each other and work together nicely, allowing to set different moods for your picture.

    Using luminosity masks in the background, colors can be easily adjusted.


    Why ARCPanel?

    It's very easy to use and very fast. But you don't have to take my word for it, because ARCPanel 3.0 is free. Just download and try, see if it fits your style. You can also turn ARCPanel into a suite of professional tools for retouching by purchasing ARCPanel Pro.

    Do I need to pay for updates?

    No, you buy ARCPanel Pro once and get all future updates for free. Forever.

    Which Adobe Photoshop versions are supported?

    ARCPanel 3.0 runs on Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2021 (minimal version 22.0.0) and newer. Note that you need to have Creative Cloud installed on your PC to install the panel. For old versions down to 2015.5 you can use ARCPanel 2.2.

    Who is behind ARCPanel?

    My name is Anton Averin and I am the author of ARCPanel.

    With more then 10 years under my belt developing software and shooting landscapes, with ARCPanel I tried to combine both my passions to do something good for all photographers out there.

    Hope you like it, and I will always be happy to read your questions, requests or reviews. Feel free to reach out to me in social networks and at

    Anton Averin Photo
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