Unlock Advanced Teaching Possibilities with ARCPanel!

Are you a workshop facilitator looking to introduce luminosity masks to your group? Or perhaps you conduct personalized 1-1 sessions, aiming to delve into the intricacies of advanced image processing. Maybe you're running a post-processing school or hosting webinars on Photoshop techniques? Look no further – ARCPanel has got you covered!

ARCPanel 3.0: Free for All!

The basic version, ARCPanel 3.0, comes at no cost. However, for those seeking an elevated experience, there's ARCPanel Pro. To access all its premium features, a licensing key is required.

Tailored Licensing for Educators: Hassle-Free for Your Students!

As an educator, we understand the importance of a seamless learning experience. That's why ARCPanel offers educators the option to obtain a licensing key tailored to the duration of their workshops, courses, or webinars. This key comes with an additional grace period, allowing students some extra time to explore their newfound skills at their own pace.

How it Works:

  • Students use the licensing key to activate ARCPanel Pro during the course.
  • ARCPanel Pro runs smoothly throughout your teaching period.
  • Once the specified time concludes, ARCPanel Pro automatically deactivates, reverting to the free ARCPanel 3.0.
  • Students are then encouraged to consider purchasing their own license for continued use.
Ensure a seamless transition from teaching to hands-on practice with ARCPanel – where advanced image processing meets education effortlessly!

Get ARCPanel Pro Now!

Unlock the full potential of ARCPanel for your workshops, courses, or webinars by securing an exclusive education license. Applying is quick and easy:
  1. Connect with me:
Reach out via Discord or Email to express your interest in ARCPanel's education license.
  1. Provide Workshop Details: Share some information about your workshop, course, or webinar. We'll promptly review your application.
  2. Get Your Education License: Upon approval, you'll receive an ARCPanel Education License key tailored to the duration of your educational event, plus some extra time for student exploration.
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