ARCPanel Pro is free for education

  • Do you run workshops and teach luminosity masks to the group?
  • Do you run occasional 1-1s and want to explain some advanced image processing?
  • Do you run a post-processing school or hold webinars on Photoshop?
ARCPanel has you covered!

Free for education purposes

While ARCPanel 3.0 is just free, ARCPanel Pro requires a licensing key to activate all of the Pro features.
To ensure hassle-free process for you students, as an educator, you can get licensing key, that will be limited to the duration of your workshop, course or webinar, with a bit extra time on the top for students to play with processing in their own time.
Students will use the key to activate ARCPanel Pro and it will keep running while you teach your course.
After the time runs out, ARCPanel Pro will deactivate itself and will remain as free ARCPanel 3.0. Students are then welcome to purchase their own license, if they are still interested in using ARCPanel.

How to get free ARCPanel Pro

You can easily apply by getting in touch with me via Discord or Email.
Provide some information about your workshop, course or webinar, I will review your application ASAP and provide you an education license key to distribute to your students.
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