Landscape photography movies for COVID-19 lockdown

Sitting at home is no fun, especially if usually you spend outdoors more time than inside. And while I can't do anything about lockdown itself - we all need to protect our relatives, friends and neighbors - here are some movies to watch that could inspire you to take some nice images once COVID-19 blows over.

Photographers on the job

Quest For Inspiration

A very inspirational movie about french landscape photographer Alexandre Deschaumes. Movie was shot over the time of several years when videographer Mathieu Le Lay was following Alexandre in his trips and filming experiences and thoughts.
Watch the full movie in Vimeo On-Demand.

In the starlight

One more movie shot by Mathieu Le Lay focusing on the experiences of Paul Zizka. As you have guessed from the name, movie highlights nightscape photography a lot.
Watch the full movie in Vimeo On-Demand.


Movie highlights multiple trips of award-winning photographer Murray Fredericks to the Lake Eyre in South Australia in pursuit to create Salt photography series.
Watch the full movie on Amazon Prime.

Portrait Of Nature

A thoughtful movie about Japanese photographer Nobuyuki Kobayashi. Japanese have a special relationship with nature and in this movie Nobuyuki shows how he tries to portrait nature as it could be perceived by our ancestors.
Full movie is embeded here, you can also watch it on Vimeo.

Light Hunter

An hour long documentary about Stefan Forster photographing in Iceland. Heavy-lifting drones with D800, kayaking in the ice-cold water and beauty of Iceland around.
Watch full movie on Light Hunter homepage.

With a focus on environment

Chasing Ice

Famous movie about how James Balog with the team adventure across Arctic in a pursuit to capture climate change in glaciers.
Watch the full movie on Amazon Prime

Manufactured Landscapes

This movie focuses on how industry changes the landscape. Following Edward Burtynsky trip into China, depicting great changes of China industrial revolution.
Watch the full movie on Amazon Prime


A second movie by Edward Burtynsky and filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal, this time focusing about water and how humanity have impacted it.
Watch the full movie on Amazon Prime or Official website.

Amos, the impossible shot

A movie about how Amos Nachoum tries to capture an illusive photograph of endangered polar bear swimming in ice cold water.


Tales by Light

Moving Art

Before You Wake Up

Did I miss anything?

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