50% Discount


Getting a 50% discount is very easy!

  1. Download ARCPanel and install it. You will have one week to try every feature without limitations.

  2. Once you feel comfortable with the panel tell your friends why do you like it.

    This could be a blog post or review, YouTube video or a post on your favourite social nework!

    Post should be public, be longer than a few sentences and contain examples – images you have created with ARCPanel. Please, also include the link to https://arcpanel.averin.photo in your post.

  3. Send me a link to get a discount!

    Email me at anton.averin.photo@gmail.com with your post. And if you would like, I can also re-post it in the ARCPanel blog.

I will personally check the post and send you individual 50% discount.

Promotion is valid until the end of 2019.

Happy processing!